Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting what they DESERVE!!

I was pretty stressed out when I got home that night. I could tell my 2 bitches were getting pretty cock crazy, even though my new bitch was still using his dick. I went to my room, and while laying down in the dark I heard my door open. I didn't open my eyes, because I really didn't care, I knew I could use some tight man-pussy wrapped around my long fat cock. I heard my pants being undone, as my monster was unleashed. My pants were loose, and still my fat cock hurt pressing against my pants, needing a nice wet cunt so fuckin bad. The warm mouth swallowed my cock the best it could, as I began slamming my dick inside, getting it nice and wet for the hard fucking this bitch was about to get. "You know how lucky you are slut?" I asked, fucking the sluts face. He tried to answer, but could only gargle as my dick invaded deep inside his slut mouth. "Take it down. Take it down," I ordered him. He slurped it up more, but couldn't fit it inside his entire mouth, like the ungrateful slut he was. I would have kept my cock from him, he didn't deserve it, but  was too horny now, so I'd have to make him work for my load with his asshole. The bitch came above me, straddling me, as he connected my slicked cock head to his cunt hole. As the head entered, he moaned loudly, wincing in pain. I opened my eyes, knowing whose sweet cunt I was breaking in. My new bitch took my dick like a champ, even though it was still slow, it was faster than most dudes. He didn't say a word as his hot little body collapsed on my cock, his little tight cunt sucking me up inside of him. I could tell he wasn't used to being my bitch yet, but he still craved my cock like the best of them. His long fat cock was rock hard dripping pre cum onto my hard stomach....

"You drippin on me bitch?" I said, slamming my cock to the base, my big balls slapping his taint. "You better get that shit up". As I said this I noticed his cock had been fucking earlier, cum and pussy juice still visible. I was fuckin mad. "Get the fuck off me," I said throwing his naked body to my side. I went and got peter, my main bitch. We went back to the room, my new bitch still laying with his legs spread wide like the slut I made him. His pussy was so sexy and slick from my partial fuck, but he needed to learn a lesson.
I pulled down his pants and stuck my finger in peter's cunt feeling my new bitch's seed inside, as I bent him over the bed next to my naked new bitch. I slammed inside no problem, his cunt perfectly smooth and tight, my new bitch's cum covering my fat long cock. Peter started moaning like a whore as I flipped him onto his back. I then shoved my new bitch's spit and precum covered cunt onto peter's face. He lapped up the sweet cunt, as I held his ass cheeks open squeezing the muscle roughly in my large hands. I kept pounding away at peter, as I spit onto peter's mouth to get my juice inside my new bitch. Then, I couldn't help putting my mouth
between the two wet tight holes of peter's  mouth and my new bitch's asshole. I flicked my tongue at my new bitch's pussy, sending shivers up his spine, as he started to ride his taint across peter's entire face. I was getting tired of fucking the old bitch, so I pulled out of peter and told him to get the fuck outta my room. He did, but didn't look happy about it once my cock had left his whorey cum hole empty "If I give you this load, I don't want you using that cock of yours anymore," I told my new bitch straight. "it's that, or you don't get my cock at all," I said.

"Ok, just give me your cock," my new bitch said, jumping on top of me again, his cunt newly wet. It felt warmer and sweeter than before, as it took my dick with a hand's tightness. After an hour of him riding my cock like a good bitch, I was ready to give him my load, deep inside his pussy. I put him on his back, gripping his hair tightly in my hand, as my whole body began to pound into him. My balls lifted, as my cock shot my load over and over, thick creamy jizz into his cunt. He moaned like a freshly fuked whore, pulling me by my ass into him, as he took it all. I didn't even pull out when I was done, as I fell onto his body, I stayed there, falling asleep on top of him, my cock and cum still filling his asshole. When I woke up he was still beneath me, holding my soft cock and cum inside him, holding my body tight against him. I got up, removing my cock carefully to keep my load inside of him. He tightened his hole right away. I put my hand to his pussy, as I punched his stupid fucking face, before spitting on him.

"Youre mine now, huh?" "Yea," he said, sniffing like a pussy and wiping the blood from his nose, as he realized he was my total bitch now. He looked like he wanted more, which made me leave more quickly -  a new bitch hole spread and ruined - he got what he deserved..

Take it Pussy boy!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Gotta love a man with a BIG COCK


Come sit on this boy and ride Daddys meat all the way to the finnish

Fuck man, how many fuckin loads you got in yer cunt already...feels like a fuckin football team unloaded in yer pussy - yeah man, nothin' like sliding in on other mens loads...best fuckin lube there is. 
Don't just stand there bitch...get on yer fuckin knees and take this fucker down yer gullet...like a good fuckin whore boy

Get a fucking mouthful of this meat faggot

Big, Mean and Hairy...just the way a man should look...

I live in a small trailer with my fuck toy . We don't share a room, except when I get home drunk from the bar. Then I call him into the bedroom at the end of our house. My pussy boy likes sleeping in my bed instead
of on the couch. he digs it when I grope him with my big hairy hands. He moans like a whore in heat when I grab his skin roughly between my calloused man fingers, and squeeze hard. Sometimes I just smack him with a closed fist on his shoulder, or pull his hair, forcing him to moan, as he pushes his cunt out towards my bone. I do like that, even though he wouldn't ever say so to him. Mostly though, he would just sleep under the smell of my sweaty body.

Last night I called him into my room. He picked up his blankets, and entered my room in the dark, I pulled down my jean's zipper in the dark. He moved to the other side of the bed. "I don't want that fuckin blanket on my bed" I told him. "Ok," the bitch said, throwing the blanket to the floor, still somewhat sleepy. He got into the bed next to me, and felt for covers. There  was only a small amount, because my big body was lying on top of them. He took the small corner and tried to cover a small amount of himself. I felt him up, rubbing his pussy hole through his underwear. I was rough, and gripped his cunt lips firmly. Then I heard him breathing heavily, as I pulled the fabric of his panties down below his cunt. I shoved a dry finger into his pussy, so he could feel all of my large, calloused manly finger digging inside his cunt. he involuntarily pulled his little hole in. I like that.

I undid my belt, and brought my jeans down my large hairy thighs midway. I was still wearing my sweat soaked plaid shirt and dirty work boots. I took hold of his hair, held him dowm and said, "You want to make your daddy feel good, slut?" "Yes, daddy," he moaned feeling the tip of my cock against his pussy lips. I held him on his belly, pread his cheeks. he could feel the smooth wet slimy tip of my cock pressing against his still dry, tight hole. I spat a large drip that fell into his cunt messily. I was still straddling with both legs, on each side of his small body. Then I began to force it in. He cried and winced in pain, as I shoved it inside unforgiving. I collapsed on his body panting as his tight cunt pulled against my fat cock. "Damn, that's a tight pussy, my boy's got huh?" Yeah, daddy. It's so big," he moaning loudly. "Shut the fuck up slut," I growled, shoving my fingers in between teeth.  Then I began to move slower as I undid one of my work boots. I could smell the musky odor of a man. I took off my sock, shoved my large foot on top of his face, and pressed down hard. I began to fuck him hard, my body hitting down on him like a wall of bricks - banging aginst his tight little ass. I didn't think his hole could keep taking it. But as he moaned, I  pressed my foot
down on his face harder, forcing him into the bed with nowhere to go. I had hard meat inside his raw wet hole, my large fingers; finger-fucking his mouth, and my big long foot stretched against the side of his face. I could feel loose hangin, hairy ball sac slapping hard against his cunt lips, the pain never ceasing with such a big rod inside him. I pushed his ass cheeks together, making his cunt tighter around my cock. then I started to cum, unleashing wave after wave of gushy baby makers inside his little boy pussy hole. 

I stopped and waited for several minutes after my last final thrust, letting the cum settle inside his knocked up hole. My cock was down to the base inside him, and my ball sack was pressed against the opening of his gaping wet hole.Then I pulled out and rolled over. I felt  him rub between his legs at the warm sperm I filled him with... he got up to go to the bathroom, and I told him that he had better not unload my cum, that he didn't deserve a man's cum, and if he got rid of it he'd be in trouble. He kept it inside him the rest of the night...The next morning he got into trouble because his hole did'nt hold all of my cum. So fucked him again and reloaded him before I had work, and inserted a big fuckin butplug to make sure that not a drop would fall out of his little cunt before I got home to fuck in another huge load, and fill him up again like the bitch he was.

So I made a surprise visit. I walked to his office, yanking his large hairy body into the mens room while I undid my belt and hauled out my big fucker. He spread his hungary, hole for me, like a whore, his furry cunt stretching open for me. I immediately shoved my big dick inside, barely lubing his cunt lips. The fucker was getting nailed, half dressed talking gibberish like a randy bitch.
"Gonna slam you like a bitch," I said
I slammed my cock into his hairy pussy , to the hilt and then I stopped "You want me to stop fuckin your pussy," I whispered cruelly, knowing the answer. "No," he panted, trying not to be loud, as my big dicked thrusts pushed the air out of his lungs. "Take it, it's yours. You own this raw cunt hole. I'm your whore". I did take it. I came deep inside him, his large body knocking hardly into the steel edge of the urinal in the mens room, his large cock and full bush of pubes bouncing away at every cum filled thrust. When I was done, I picked him up and threw him in the toilet stall, his clothes still hanging loosely off his muscular hairy ass. "fuck you, whore" I said, and left the room. I made him a complete cock hound. This was how it was meant to be...knock em up with my strong seed. Till they beg me to keep fucking their tainted pussy.

Too long gone but I'm back and promise to stay and post regularly...

Sorry took so long - but hey I'm back and that's all that counts - now lets get to the men.
Tastes so good coz it is so good - Fuck yeah lick that fucker clean
Now bitch...come shine this fuckin' boot...use yer licker fucker
Fuck yeah boy...now clean it...

Hot fuckin hole pig...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Every PIG is Lookin' for WET FUN...

Get your mouth on that sweet fuckin' pissin' meat boy

 I stood there at the urinal drainin' my lizard, when this fag boy steps in to the room and walks over to the urinal... just as I begin to piss a power stream, the fag cunt turns towards me, I can see he's checkin' out my meat. I stand there for a second lookin at him and then, ask, "You a faggot cocksucker!?" He almost chokes and turns towards me, almost pissing on the wall as he looks at me, scared shitless. He mumbles like a frightened pussy, "What, uh, what was that!?" I finnish pissing...I just stand there, leaning against the side of the sink rubbing my sweat stained T-shirt over my thickly haired chest and rank pits. I slide one hand down to my crotch and cup my fat cock and sweat-damp nuts...I say, "I asked if you were a faggot! I mean, you were checking out what I got here, so I figure you gotta be one of them queer fuck toy's!" He stared at me open mouthed...and then his eye's moved down to my crotch for a moment and then, up to my bearded face. He asked, in a faggy voice "And, what if I was queer? You going to kick the shit out of me?"
I just smiled and moved closer into him ...."No bitch. But if you want to work on my thick meat boy, I'll pump you full of some hot creamy stuff." The bitch looked up at me and then, slowly he moves his hand over and presses it against my rock hard cock. He massages my meat with a hungry look in his pussy boy eyes... I put my hand on his shoulder and say, "Let's take this into one of the stalls cunt, see what you can do with that pussy whore mouth of yours ." He turned around, and with a shove I pushed him towards the last stall in the row. We go inside and I shove the fuck hole down on the commode. I undo the buttons of my shirt and then, my belt, then, the buttons on my Levis,  and push ythem down to to my knees. I push my ripe jock down too, and thrust my cock-head forward and sa, "Drink Cunt!".
The pig slut leans forward eagerly, sliding his mouth=pussy around the uncut head of my 9' fuck pole.
As he opens up his eager girly-red cock sucking mouth, My hand  grips the back of his head and I push my meat all the way into his fucking throat. I hold his head in against my thick smelly pubes, rubbing the wiry ripe hairs all over his pretty face  - Then I stuff my meat further into his gagging mouth and throat... I say "Get used to it bitch, cause youre gonna be breathing through my dick, if you don't relax and take it". I feel him relax his throat and begin to let me take control. I start pissing a heavy stream of golden nectar ...I pull and push my pissing cock in and out of his mouth while he drinks down my warm offering  from the tap...I grip his hair hard...He looks up...and instinctivly begins to pump his mouth on my shaft ...Oh yeah, nice and tight and wet...good cocksucker...now turn around and let me see yr other cunt boy...gonna get me some of that hole too...

All of it cocksucker...Slurp it down

Yeah bitch...swallow my fuckin' man piss

Why waste it when there's a fag to suck down all yr man piss

Celebrating Hairy, Masculine, Kinky Men

A Taste of Things to Cum... 

A Fuck Just tastes better with a good Cigar...And a Man with a 'tache gives me instant wood...YES SIR!

 There's Nothin' Hotter that a Man and his Truck...


You Don't Fuck with this Man - He Fuck's with you.

Yeah fucker, daddy's gonna plough yr cunt...

 "Wanna sniff daddy's crack boy...?" "I just finnished pumpin iron and it's all hot an sweaty..."

Don't you fucking move boy...till I've unloaded my nuts in your fucking pussy mouth...

Daddy Eats what he Fucks


Sniff my fuckin stink jock...pig boy...

HOT Beard...Hot Man
Say AAhhh Bitch...and drink down that man load

 Got Milk?

Head Down ass up Cocksucker...we're gonna open up that cunt...

 Sniff my fuckin rank jock fuckhole

Just some of the things you can be looking forward to in this blog - stay posted for more Masculine Men and thier kinks